Our Vision

During 1998 God communicated a strong word to us...."Let my people go that they may serve me." This word confirmed our own desire to see saved and unsaved alike set completely free into a life of experiencing the fullness of God and service to him.

This ministry will go back to basics, in other words, total dependence upon the Holy Spirit and not human eloquence, programs or plans. This ministry will bring back the true relationship and fellowship with

God. A desire is there to see the removal of hypocrisy and unbelief and to see people taught and prepared under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to go into a life of service for God, for the extension of his kingdom on the earth.

A desire is there to reach out to other churches, breaking down barriers of division and separation without compromising our own position. Within the ministry, there is always a need for strong men and women with integrity, honour and genuineness who have grasped the vision and are prepared to run. This ministry is God's ministry. We must simply be vessels of his grace, mercy and goodness.

There is an intention to restore broken, wounded people and order in the church, by coming together to fight the common enemy, who is the devil. This vision is open and amendable as the Holy Spirit leads others who have caught it


Aims and Objectives of the Ministry

1) To restore and bring back to the original plan of God i.e. Broken people, broken families, rejected, hurting people, those in bondage and in need of healing.

2) Counselling to those who are in need i.e.Teaching, direction, guidance and prayer, pointing them to the answer and solution to every problem-JESUS.

3) To share the gospel with the whole world, by reaching out to all affected areas, such as desperate situations, unsaved souls, disappointed and rejected communities etc....

4) To train and equip Christians in the knowledge of understanding the word of God and experiencing the power of the word of God in deep communication and fellowship with him (Zechariah 4:6).

5) Help the needy and neglected both spiritually and practically.

6) To restore intercessory ministry in the church i.e. Building up the church through prayer and fasting. Breaking religious and denominational barriers. Training individuals and churches to be in unity and prayer partners as we are one in Christ (Isaiah 56:7).