Karmel City Internship

Thank you for inquiring about our internship program.

We at Karmel City Church encourage local and overseas candidates to work in partnership with our organisations for mutual benefit. We have internship policies in place for good order and mutual accountability. The purpose of process is to take the candidate from the initial enquiry to a place of productivity and fulfilment concerning kingdom work. Please read the following as an initial step toward considering becoming an intern with Karmel City Church.....let the adventure begin!

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For more information and/or any other inquiries regarding the internship please email internship@kccni.com



General Requirements


Pre-Application Minimum Requirements

Relationship is foundational to the ministry of our church. We often find candidates are recommended to the church through friends of the ministry. We believe a period of around 6 months to be a reasonable amount of time for potential applicants to get a feel for the mandate of the ministry and gain an understanding of how we function. This time will also allow us to get to know you and your walk with the Lord.

We want to provide: A mutually life giving church family, individual growth, time well spent, and involvement in church ministry relative to the call on your life.

To be considered for sponsorship you must meet the following requirements, which are standard for all (overseas) persons seeking to serve with our organisation.


1 - Have a healthy walk and relationship with the Lord
2 - Be actively involved in a local church in your homeland
3 - To be involved in the ministry of your home church
4 - Reasonable standard of education (exceptions will be considered)
5 - Have enough money to cover all expenses during your entire stay in N. Ireland, including return air fares, living costs, and insurance
6 - Be of good health
7 - Have the support of your church leader for volunteering with us

Spiritual Life

People have different perceptions about what it means to work within the church overseas. Some feel that they are not good enough to mix with the more spiritual people who are already actively functioning in their callings/gifts. Others see it as a way to escape from the pressures of modern life or to find a quick and easy way to grow spiritually. Of course neither of these ideas is true.

KCC trains ordinary people for ministry. You need only know the love of the Lord and live in a personal relationship with Him as your Saviour and Lord, and have a desire to be trained for service in God’s kingdom.

Sponsorship Requirements\

Applications from (overseas) persons wishing to undertake training at KCC should be supported by evidence of sponsorship from a Church in the applicant’s home country. This sponsorship should take the form of a completed reference from the minister/church leader, which will include the following details:

  1. Details regarding the applicant’s spiritual character.
  2. State that the applicant is suitable for overseas missions.
  3. Evidence that the applicant has a long-term commitment to Christian ministry and the local church.
  4. Indicate any financial support to be provided by your home church.

Health & Insurance

Students need to be in good health. Applicants will be required to complete a Medical Report and have a Doctor’s Report completed by their local physician.

UK citizens and lawful residents will be required to present their NHS card upon arrive to the programme.

Foreign nations will be responsible for and required to have insurance from their home nation for the entire duration of their time in the UK. In the majority of cases, the UK government will not provide insurance for foreign nationals.



Academic Requirements

As our programme is open to adults of all ages, singles and married couples, our only academic requirement is that applicants have graduated from high school or hold an equivalency certificate.

Recognition of Prior Learning

We will fully consider any post secondary education that you have, such as: university diplomas, trade certificates, and ministry training.

Financial Requirements

To be eligible to come you must be able to show that you have enough money to pay the cost of your accommodation, programme fees, insurance, return fares, and living costs in Northern Ireland for the entire duration of your stay. When you apply, you must sign a declaration that you (and your parent/guardian, in the case of those submitting their applications prior to reaching 18 years of age) have the money to pay these costs. Programme fees must be paid in full upon arrival. If you come to Northern Ireland and you cannot pay the costs or support yourself, you will most likely be required to leave the country.

Refunds of any balance of programme fees will be done upon written request to the Administration Officer of KCC.

English Requirements

KCC requires incoming volunteers/students to demonstrate their proficiency in English before sponsorship will be granted. Unless you have completed your secondary education in an English speaking country, you will need to provide academic evidence of proficiency in spoken and written English.

Application Procedure

Applications will be assessed in terms of a student's desire to please and serve God, along with their dedication and their willingness to be taught.

The application consists of the following:

1. Personal information
2. Passport information and pictures, along with a copy of your current passport and any current and prior UK visas.
3. Education history
4. Work history
5. Ministry history
6. Christian conversion and life
7. Criminal background and current Police Background Check
8. Medical information
9. Church information
10. References (minister/church leader, teacher/employer, and other professional)
11. Commitment and signatures
12. Non-refundable application fee of £25.00 (Application fee must be in UK currency only.)

NOTE: Applications will not be considered until such time as all documents have been received.

To receive an application or additional information, please contact us at internship@kccni.com or by post at:

Karmel City Church Internship
122-126 Ravenhill Road, Belfast
BT6 8ED Northern Ireland